Interior design and all things aesthetic have been an obsession for me since I was a young child.  Growing up in rental properties and moving around led to the tolerating of white walls and mauve carpet.  As a former Air Force journalist, writing and publishing are a world in which I feel at home.  While in the Air Force moving from Montana to South Korea, I made the decision that come the time I would become an interior designer and am doing just that now.

Third Time Design was born from the observations of a life-long nomad.  Seeing beauty in limitations and the everyday is an daily joy.  Sharing those moments will hopefully take us on a journey to see the world for its intrigue and insights rather than its true grit.  3TD is the triangulation of physical manifestation, emotional interpretation and personal projection.  We are what we love and to share is to grow.

Let’s grow together and share the fascinations of life.


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